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This degree is designed for students who plan a career in secondary school teaching. With the exception of international students, all candidates must possess a teacher's certificate by the time the degree is conferred.

Program Requirements

Admission: A bachelor's degree, with 20 hours of course work (or the equivalent) beyond first-year German.

Credits: At least 36 hours, of which at least 20 must be in German. (The department cannot recommend acceptance of credit towards the M.A.T. degree for courses in Germanic Studies numbered below 400 or for courses in other departments or schools numbered below 300.)

Course Work in German:

  • G500 and G540 (6 cr.)
  • Linguistics: (two from G532, G548, G551, G558) (6 cr.)
  • Literature or Culture: (two courses in German, one of which may be at the 400-level) (6 cr.)
  • Additional course work to fulfill credit requirement  (2 cr.)

Other Course Work: The remaining course work will vary considerably, depending on the student's certification status upon entry into the program. A faculty member in the School of Education's Department of Language Education will advise candidates about course selection and program construction in relation to career prospects for teachers.

Candidates who enter with a teaching certificate have the most latitude in the selection of their remaining courses. In consultation with their faculty adviser they may enroll in additional German courses, appropriate education courses, and/or courses that develop a teaching minor, which is strongly recommended. Such students may also wish to consider the advantages of the M.A. versus the M.A.T. program at the time of application.

Candidates who enter without a teaching certificate must dedicate as much course work in education as necessary to fulfill Indiana teacher certification requirements.

Candidates with a bachelor's degree from an institution outside Indiana must send their credentials (transcripts) to the Teacher Training and Licensing Commission (State House, Indianapolis, IN 46204) for evaluation before their programs can be planned. Students must devote that portion (if any) of their course work not required in German or in education for teacher certification to additional work in German or education.

German Proficiency Requirement: Candidates must demonstrate advanced proficiency in German before completion of the degree through an examination conducted by the Language Coordinator in the Department of Germanic Studies.

Language: Reading proficiency in an additional foreign language is not required.

Examination: None is required.*

*Please note that students completing the M.A.T. but wishing to enter the doctoral program in German must also complete the M.A. project. Additional course work in German may also be required.

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