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Germanic Studies

Recent PhD's

Roswitha Rust-Cesaratto, "Reader, Embodiment, and Narrative: Shared literary reading experiences", September 2016. Rosi is currently teaching online courses in Vienna

Andrew Hamilton, "Semiotics of Silence: A Theory of German Realism", August 2015. Andrew is currently teaching at the College of the Holy Cross

Christiane Kaden, "Lengthenings and Shortenings in Germanic", March 2016. Christiane is currently teaching at Boston University

Andrew Kostakis, "Height, Frontness and the Special Status of /x/, /r/ and /l/ in Germanic Language History", October 2015. Andrew is currently doing post-doc work in Leipzig, Germany

Anita Lukic, "Narrative Turning Points: A Theory of Character Change in the German Novel, 1775-1796", June 2016. Anita is currently teaching at the University of Pittsburgh

Germanic Studies
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