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Germanic Studies

Ph.D. in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature and Culture

General Requirements for all Ph.D. majors and concentrations


  • Professional courses: G500 (3cr.)
  • Seminars (two required at IU): G825 or G835 (3-4 cr.)
  • Dissertation (G875/G885): Up to 20 hrs.
  • Outside minor:  Minimum of 12 hrs.

Reading proficiency in French. A substitution may be permitted; such a substitution should serve the candidate's major research interests.

Teaching. At least one year's service as an associate instructor. For detailed information on general degree requirements, please consult the University Graduate School web site.

At this time this major is not being offered.

This major is intended as one in medieval literature and culture, and the languages involved are regarded as tools rather than as ends in themselves. The inderdepartmental outside minor must be taken in medieval culture. The 30-32 hours of required course work in German literature should include sufficient study of modern literature to prepare the candidate to teach college courses in this area at the second- and third-year level.

Literature Courses (30-32 credits):

  • G571 German Lit. I (3 cr.)
  • G573 (German Lit. II, 3cr.)
  • G636 Old Icelandic Literature; prerequisite G635 (3 cr. )
  • G625 (with medieval topic) (3 cr.)
  • G825 (with medieval topic) (3-4 cr.)

Required courses in Medieval Studies: M500 Introduction to Medieval Studies or M502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies

Required courses in Renaissance Studies: R501 The Culture of the Renaissance or R502 Topics in Renaissance Civilization (4 cr.)
Total:       30-32 cr.

Linguistic Courses (6-9 credits):

  • G638 Old High German (3 cr.)
  • G640 Middle High German (3 cr.)

One of the following is recommended:

  • G532 History of the German Language (3 cr.)
  • G635 Old Icelandic
  • G639 Old Saxon (3 cr.)
  • G601 Old English (3 cr.)
  • G602 Middle English (3 cr.)
    Total:       6-9 cr.

Minor: Medieval Culture (18-22 cr.)

Required courses:
F501 Medieval French Literature I (3 cr.) or L505 Medieval Latin (4 cr.)
Additional hours in medieval culture (15-19 cr.)
Total: 18-22 cr.

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