College of Arts and Sciences

Germanic Studies

Ph.D. in Modern German Literature and Culture

General Requirements for all Ph.D. majors and concentrations


  • Professional courses: G500 (3cr.)
  • Seminars (two required at IU): G825 or G835 (3-4 cr.)
  • Dissertation (G875/G885): Up to 20 hrs.
  • Outside minor:  Minimum of 12 hrs.

Reading proficiency in French. A substitution may be permitted; such a substitution should serve the candidate's major research interests.

Teaching. At least one year's service as an associate instructor. For detailed information on general degree requirements, please consult the University Graduate School web site.

Literature courses (9 cr.):                                    
• Any three from G571, G573, G575, G577

Linguistics courses (6 cr.):
• One from G532, G632, G635, G638, G639, or G640 (3 cr.)
• One from G540, G548, G551, or G558 (3 cr.)

Germanic Studies
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