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Max Kade Fellows 2017-2018

Connor Baskin: Connor holds degrees from Arizona State University in German and Supply Chain Management with a GPA of 4.00. He was a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Göttingen, where he taught English at the Otto-Hahn Gymnasium. His Fulbright experience cemented his belief that, as Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” His academic interests lie in modern German thought, refugee & migration studies, and Turkish-German relations.

Brian Donarski: Brian is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He received his BA in German, Scandinavian, and Dutch from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2016. He also majored in History and completed a minor in Medieval Studies. In 2015, he was awarded the Hedley Donovan scholarship for historical research which allowed him to conduct independent research on the history of anarcho-punk in England as well as punk rock music and culture in Europe generally. He also studied abroad at the University of Freiburg during his undergraduate studies. Although his interests include German language, history, and folklore, the primary focus of his studies will be 18th and 19th century German literature with a particular emphasis on drama. His interests in drama extend to Scandinavian Studies, in particular the works of August Strindberg and Henrik Ibsen

Katherine Hrach: Katherine obtained her BA in German and Philosophy from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. During her studies, she received the C. David Harris prize for the best essay in philosophy. In 2014-15, she spent her junior year abroad at the University of Munich. Her main interest lies in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century literature and philosophy, focusing particularly on Immanuel Kant and Heinrich von Kleist. She is currently working for a German-speaking paralegal firm in New York city. She writes: “I found myself rushing home after work to continue my research and longed to have the opportunity to follow my line of inquiry further through formal academic study in graduate school.” Besides her academic interest, she is also an outstanding musician as well as a stone carver who has assisted in the restauration of historical buildings in northern Germany.

Elijah Peters: Elijah received his BA in History and English Linguistics with a dual minor in German and Medieval Studies from Arizona State University in 2017. He has spent the fall of 2014 in Berlin, where he lived with a wonderful host family on the Tegeler See. His major research interest lies in historical linguistics, with increasing interests in classics and Indo-European linguistics. He has done extensive research on runic literacy as a college student, and presented a paper on orality and literacy in Anglo-Saxon England at the 2017 ACMRS Conference in Arizona. He writes: “My interest in historical linguistics stems from my early love of history, and it is also influenced by my family’s interest in their own history, as well as their love of, and belief in celebrating, their heritage.”

Claire Woodward: Claire received her BA in German and History from Brigham Young University. A high school exchange to Bavaria in 2009 sparked her interest in German. She spent an additional eighteen months in northern Germany from 2013-14. As an undergraduate, she served as president of the German Club and taught beginning German courses. She was the recipient of the 2017 National Senior Award for Most Outstanding German Student in the United States. Her interests lie in 20th century German studies, specifically East German literature and the development of nationalism.

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