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Why It Makes Sense to Learn Dutch

Dutch is an easy language to learn! If you are a linguist with an interest in Germanic linguistics, including the history and linguistic features of Frisian and Afrikaans, it makes sense to start with Dutch. And if you already know German, learning Dutch will be relatively easy.

More reasons to learn Dutch:

- If you are an international relations student seeking to do an internship at the state department in Belgium, the Netherlands, Suriname, or South Africa, then Dutch is the language for you!  All these countries have a strong connection to Dutch.

- If you work for an American company that does business oversees in Europe: 20% of large foreign companies have their main office for Europe in the Netherlands. Over the past eight years American investment in the Netherlands was twice what it was in Mexico and ten times what it was in China.

- If you want to work for a Dutch multi-national company such as Heineken, Philips, Shell or Unilever (these companies support more than 700.000 jobs in the US); the Netherlands is the third biggest foreign investor in the US with the world's 8th largest GDP.

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