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Scandinavian Lecture Series

The Scandinavian Lecture Series hosts one prominent speaker every semester, who gives a public talk on a topic related to Scandinavia and of interest to the large and diversified university community. The lectures typically cross departmental and disciplinary lines and are of interest to undergraduate and graduates students alike, as well as to faculty and community members. In addition to the public talk, the guest-speaker participates in informal social events, which ensures ample opportunity for interaction with anyone interested. Previous speakers and topics include, amongst others: professor Grete Brochmann from the University of Oslo (Governing Immigration in Advanced Welfare States – The Scandinavian Case), professor Tor Einar Fagerland from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Trondheim (The Bombing of the Government Center in Oslo and the massacre at Utøya Island in Norwegian Memory, 2011-2014), Lori Talcott – an artist from the University of Washington-Seattle, Patrick Steorn – fashion design researcher from the Center for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University, etc.

The Lecture Series is organized by the Scandinavian Group - a multi-disciplinary faculty committee comprised of scholars from different disciplines, who incorporate Scandinavia in their teaching and research. Recognizing that Scandinavia is one of the underrepresented and understudied geographical areas at Indiana University, they collaborate and coordinate efforts to highlight Scandinavian Studies at IU. Currently the group has the following members: Dan Knudsen (Geography), Toivo Raun (Central Eurasian Studies), Michelle Facos (Art History), Kari Gade (Germanic Studies), Tim Hellwig (Political Science/EURO) and Gergana May (Germanic Studies/EURO). ​

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