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Germanic Studies

Yiddish Courses

Currently, the Department of Germanic Studies, in conjunction with the Jewish Studies Program, offers four courses in Yiddish language skills (Y100, Y150, Y200, and Y250) and two courses in Yiddish literature, film, and culture in English translation (Y300 and Y350). The English-language courses, which also carry Comparative Literature numbers (C377 and C378), examine the history, literature, drama, and film of Eastern European and American Yiddish culture.

By completing Yiddish Y100, Y150, Y200, and Y250, students can satisfy the 14-credit-hour foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Likewise, both Y300 and Y350 carry Arts and Humanities distribution as well as A list credit towards its Culture Studies requirement.

Germanic Studies
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