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Troy Byler
Outreach Coordinator
Global and International Studies Building #3113                               

(812) 855-0649 / 812-855-1553

High School –» IU

German high school teachers can make arrangements with the German Outreach Coordinator to bring their German students to visit the IU Bloomington campus and the Germanic Studies Department for an orientation and information session. If time permits, the teacher and students may sit in on an actual class session, or enjoy a German-language tour of the treasures located in the IU Art Museum and Lilly Library. Please allow at least two weeks to make arrangements.

IU –» High School

Area high school German teachers can contact the German Outreach Coordinator and request a speaker to visit their classroom and present on a desired cultural or literary topic. The coordinator will attempt to find a suitable presenter and bring him/her to the classroom, at no cost to the high school. At this time, interested high schools must be within a two-hour drive of Bloomington, Indiana. Please allow at least two weeks for arrangements.

IU –» All Schools

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The International Studies in Schools (ISIS) program is available free-of-charge to K-12 teachers, in Indiana or any state, whose school has access to IAV technology. A teacher may request a specific topic, and the ISIS coordinator will work in conjunction with the appropriate presenter to provide a tailored information and question session for the students. Some previous topics in Germanic Studies have been the Weimar Republic, the Holocaust, German Dance, and German Immigrants in the US.

IU –» All Schools

Global Speakers Service (GSS)

Are you interested in having a global speaker come to your class or organization?  We can help introduce your audience to people and ideas from around the world!

Germanic Studies
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