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Germanic Studies


Core Faculty

Fritz BreithauptFritz Breithaupt
Professor Literature and cognitive science; empathy; narrative; German & European literature, philosophy, and culture since 1700; aesthetics; intellectual history of money, Goethe Tuesdays, 1-2pm & by appt.
Troy BylerTroy Byler
Senior German Lecturer
Outreach Coordinator Language pedagogy, teacher training, workshop development and programming Mondays 1:15-2:15 & by appt.
Michel ChaouliMichel Chaouli
Professor Literature and philosophy; aesthetic theory; literature starting around 1750; poetic criticism. W 2-3:30 & by appointment
Susanne EvenSusanne Even
Clinical Associate Professor
Language Coordinator Foreign language pedagogy, innovative teaching and learning approaches, performative pedagogy, intercultural and multilingual competence, bilingual novels, and curriculum development for higher education. by appointment only
Kari Gade
Director of Graduate Studies Old Norse-Icelandic language, literature, culture and history, together with Germanic philology, metrics, and linguistics. MW 1-3 & by appointment
Bieneke HaitjemaBieneke Haitjema
Lecturer, Dutch Language and Culture Comparative philology, Sociolinguistics, and Poetry International "In other words" TR 2:30-4 & by appointment
Tracy HallTracy Alan Hall
Professor General and Germanic linguistics, phonology, morphology, and historical linguistics MW 10-11am & by appointment
Esther Ham
Senior Lecturer of Dutch
Coordinator for Dutch Language and Culture Second/foreign language pedagogy, intercultural communication, Frisian, citétaal, Afrikaans and anything related to South-Africa and elephants by appointment only
Dov-Ber KerlerDov-Ber Kerler
Professor History, dialectology, sociology, and the linguistic analysis of Yiddish; history of old Yiddish literature (15th to 18th century); Yiddish-Slavic linguistic and cultural contacts; Yiddish and modern Israeli Hebrew; Modern Yiddish poetry by appointment only
Nikole LangjahrNikole Langjahr
Senior German Lecturer Language pedagogy, intercultural communication by appointment only
Gergana MayGergana May
Senior Lecturer
Coordinator of Norwegian Program Norwegian language, Scandinavian literature and theatre, Ibsen and Strindberg, literary theory and criticism, translation for the theatre Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 & by appointment
William RaschWilliam Rasch
Chairman & Professor German philosophical tradition, especially social and political theory, from early modernity to the present. German literature within its historical and political context by appointment only
Benjamin Robinson
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies 20th century and contemporary literature and culture, especially with respect to institutions of law, economics and science; modernism and socialism; questions of literary reference and realism, particularly as they are thought about in phenomenological and sociological traditions

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Tuesdays 2:30-4

Otherwise: by appointment

Johannes TurkJohannes Turk
Associate Professor
Director, Institute of German Studies Literary Theory, Aesthetic Theory, Rhetoric, Philosophy, The history of the German and the European Novel, Modernism, Literature and Life Sciences (especially Immunology), Trauma and Literature Wednesdays 11:15-12:15 & by appointment
Marc Weiner
Professor 19th- & early 20th-century literary and cultural studies of Germany and Austria; Fin-de-Siècle Vienna; German and Austrian music, opera and ideology, history of racial and sexual iconographies, German-Jewish relations, German film, critical theory TR 1:00-2:00 & by appointment

Visiting Lecturers

Burkhardt Wolf
Max Kade Distingushed Visiting Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig
Professor, Second Language Studies Second language acquisition, second language temporality and tense-mood-aspect systems, interlanguage pragmatics
Laurent Dekydtspotter
Professor, French Linguistics
Professor, Second Language Studies Development of interpretive knowledge: phrasal semantics, lexical semantics and grammatically computed pragmatic inferences. Sentence processing: information integration in L2 processing
Robert Fulk
Chancellor's Professor, English Germanic (especially Old English and Old Icelandic) and Celtic languages and literatures, the history of the English language, and comparative Indo-European linguistics
Sander Gliboff
Professor, History and Philosophy of Science The history of biology, especially evolution and genetics, and the science in modern Germany and Austria
Christoph Irmscher
Provost Professor, English 19th- and 20th-century American and Canadian literature and culture
Joshua Kates
Professor, English The roots of French poststructuralism (particularly Jacques Derrida's thought) in the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger
Sandra Kuebler
Professor, Linguistics German linguistics, corpus linguistics (especially with linguistically annotated corpora), parsing morphologically rich languages (with a focus on German), sentiment analysis
Michelle Moyd
Associate Professor, History East Africa, colonial, cultural and military; Militaries and labor; Labor history; Violence; Gender, war, and militarization; Comparative and "entangled" histories
Eyal Peretz
Professor, Comparative Literature The relations between philosophy and the arts
Roberta Pergher
Assistant Professor, History Modern Europe with an emphasis on Italy and Germany, Fascism, Imperialism, Migration and settlement, Borderlands, Comparative and transnational history
Julia Roos
Associate Professor, History Modern Europe and Germany; Women and gender; Sexuality; Social, political, and cultural history; Propaganda
Mark Roseman
Professor, History History of the Holocaust; 20th-century German history; European post-1945 reconstruction; Comparative history, including German-Japanese comparisons
Bret Rothstein
Associate Professor, Art History Northern European art of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, Dutch golden age, Early modern conceptions of interpretive skill, varieties and consequences of visual wit (including puzzles)
Jeffrey Saletnik
Assistant Professor, Art History Modernism, Bauhaus, visual culture of the interwar years, Modern architecture and design, media theory, history and theory of pedagogy, relationships between the visual arts and music
William Scheuerman
Professor, Political Science Modern political thought, German political thought, democratic theory, legal theory, and international political theory
Sandra Shapshay
Associate Professor, Philosophy Schopenhauer, Kant, the history of aesthetics and ethics in 19th century Continental philosophy
Rex Sprouse
Professor, Second Language Studies Adjunct Professor, Linguistics Second language acquisition, structure and history of the languages of Western Europe (Germanic, Romance, Celtic) and Turkish, syntactic theory, language contact
Mirjam Zadoff
Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and History Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, East and West, History of Love and Courtship, History of Migration, Non-Jewish Jews, Biographical Research, History of Space
Noam Zadoff
Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies and History Intellectual and Cultural History of the State of Israel, Zionism and Zionist Thought, Life and Work of Gershom Scholem, Environmental History and History of Emotions Post-War European History

Emeriti Faculty

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