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German is a versatile and rewarding major, with a broad range of courses in language, literature and media, culture and ideas. Our classes feature high faculty-student ratios, providing ample opportunity to work closely with individual faculty members and get to know fellow students. Our major emphasizes German-speaking cultures in European and global contexts. In addition to the major, we offer five minors and two certificates.

Students can minor in Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Yiddish languages and cultures, with additional strong offerings on medieval Scandinavian culture. We also offer certificates in Dutch and Business German. Whether your interests lie in the culture and events of Germany or in a smorgasbord of Germanic languages, we offer a Germanic Studies minor that can be completed entirely in English or with a mixture of Germanic languages. Studies have shown that students with degrees in German significantly enhance their prospects on the job market.

Want to major in more than one discipline? Students who are considering double majors, double degrees, or German as an outside field are encouraged to join our department.

Germanic Studies Offers:

  1. Excellent Language Education: Our instructors have the latest training in language pedagogy, and with a maximum of 23 students per class, our German language courses have a favorable teacher to student ratio. We also offer a new certificate in Business German.
  2. Many Languages: We offer courses and minors in Dutch, Yiddish, and Norwegian, plus a unique Dutch certificate program.
  3. Many Courses: Germanic Studies at IU has among the largest variety of 300 and 400-level courses of any German program in the US. Our program features three tracks—literature and media, thought and culture, and linguistics. We also teach a wide variety of English-language courses on German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Yiddish topics.
  4. Many Overseas Opportunities: IU runs an outstanding year- or semester-long program in Freiburg, Germany, where students enroll directly in German university courses and live in German dorms. In addition, the department offers its own unique summer program in the European Cultural Capital Graz, Austria, as well as an English-language summer program in Berlin, one of the most historic and popular cities in Europe.
  5. Many Extracurriculars: We host weekly coffee hours in German, Dutch, and Norwegian, and sponsor German House activities that include Stammtisch (conversation club), at least six movie screenings per year, and special events like Art Museum tours in German, career and study abroad orientation sessions, holiday parties, and field trips. Follow us on Facebook!

Germanic Studies
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