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Major in German

Students considering a German major first complete the language-skills courses they need to achieve intermediate-advanced proficiency (300- level). Our language courses foster competency and cultural awareness in an environment of active language use. See our language sequence. Students who have taken German elsewhere may place into the appropriate level and earn special credit for past work completed at the third and fourth semester level.

German Major Requirements:

Students must complete 30 total credit hours for the major, which include 26 credit hours of Germanic Studies courses at the 300 and 400-level. At least 20 credit hours must be from courses taught in German; a minimum of 12 of these 20 credit hours must be at the 400-level.

Majors starting in fall 2015 choose two of three of the following common gateway courses to prepare for in-depth studying in the department's three areas of concentration (G332, G334, E336). These core courses also give students the opportunity to work closely with fellow majors.

  • GER-G332 Introduction to German Literature and Media Provides the basic tools of the analysis of literature, film and media. Conducted in German.
  • GER-G334 Introduction to German Thought and Culture General introduction to German philosophical and cultural traditions from the Middle Ages to the present. Emphasizes important events of German cultural history and provides the intellectual concepts that lend meaning to those events. Conducted in German.
  • GER-E336 Introduction to the Structure of Germanic Languages Introduction to the comparative linguistic structure of the modern Germanic languages. Does not require specific background in general linguistics or knowledge of a particular language other than English.

Students must also complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. The requirements for the major are new for fall 2015. Students should follow the guidelines in place for the year they matriculated to IUB.

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