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Kushal Shah

Kushal Shah, a German major, near Salzburg, peak Untersberg, Austria, Summer 2015 during the overseas exchange to Graz, Austria

Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs

Indiana University is a national leader in study abroad and sponsors several programs for students interested in studying abroad in a German-speaking environment. Participation in these programs is not restricted to German majors or minors, but in each case, sufficient proficiency in German is required. These programs offer regular Indiana University credit in specific courses. IU offers significant financial support for participants, for example the Hutton International Experiences Program (HIEP).

NOTE: Information on academic programs sponsored by institutions other than IU is available from the departmental Overseas Study Adviser and the campus Office of Overseas Study. Students who plan to study abroad with programs not directly sponsored by Indiana University should also consult the IU Office of Admissions and the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies, concerning credit transferability before making any commitment.

Academic-Year or Spring-Semester Program in Freiburg, Germany

Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Minnesota jointly sponsor a program at the University of Freiburg. The program combines immersion in the academic and social life of the University of Freiburg with a supportive environment provided by our partners, IES Abroad. While students are integrated into the German academic and residential system, they also have the advising, resources, and social support of the IES center, where they take a special course designed exclusively for program participants. After a three-week orientation program that includes advanced language instruction, students may take regular courses at the university in nearly any field in which they are sufficiently prepared. The curriculum also includes courses in Deutsch als Fremdsprache at the university and special tutorials for program participants.

Prerequisites are junior or senior standing, a cumulative grade point average of approximately 3.0, and fifth-semester proficiency in German prior to departure. You must be a student at any Indiana University campus who is making normal academic progress, enrolled in at least one course in Germanic Studies during the Spring semester before departure, and it is recommended that you complete G362 or G363 before the program begins. Students receive full IU credit for their work in Freiburg. Housing is mostly in university dormitories.

For more detailed information, check out the Freiburg OVST flyer.

Summer Program in Graz, Austria

This program offers each student three credits in German language, and three credits in Austrian culture. All six credits count toward the major in Germanic Studies, the minor in German, or the minor in Germanic Studies. We offer two levels of language proficiency courses in Graz: G396, for students who have completed at least G250 (or the equivalent), and G496, for students who have completed at least G330 (or the equivalent).

For more detailed information, check out the Graz OVST flyer.

English-Language Summer Program in Berlin, Germany

Indiana University offers a four-week English-language summer course in Berlin, taught by IU faculty and tailored to IU students. The city is not merely the setting for the course, but in many ways its key subject. Readings and research assignments—whether about literature, culture, history, or society—come alive in the city. At the same time, the experience of the city itself changes when it is studied intensely. Ideally, then, two things happen in the course: knowledge originally gleaned from books is lifted off the page, and the buildings and streets of the city are imbued with greater depth.

All classroom meetings (three times a week, 90 minutes each) take place at the IES Center in the heart of Berlin, a technologically sophisticated space that offers students many amenities (Internet access, printers, library, and helpful staff). But the more important learning happens all over the city, at monuments, in museums, along streets, and in train stations. Besides the many planned outings, students have ample opportunity to explore on their own. Everyone receives a pass allowing unlimited use of the public transit system. Students are lodged in a modern hostel (several to a room) in close proximity to the IES Center.

For more detailed information, check out the Berlin Overseas Study Page.

Additional Opportunities for Overseas Study through the Overseas Study Department:

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