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Fall 2018 Tutor List

Bryant, Michael | 574-538-8373
Willing to tutor G100 through G400, plus G491 & G492. Also interested in helping with translations and developing speaking skills. I've been a German teacher for 13 years in both high school and university, and I've taught all levels from G100 to G492 at Indiana University. I've been a tutor in the Department of Germanic Studies for more than five years. I began learning German in 1991, and I have used it in my personal and professional life on nearly a daily basis since then. B.A. in Germanic Studies, M.A. in Germanic Studies, currently a Ph.D. student in Germanic Studies.

Hrach, Kathy| 508-212-1994
Emphasis on translation, conversation practice, and reading proficiency. Currently teaching G200. Second year graduate student in Germanic Studies. In 2016, I graduated from Williams College with a BA in German and Philosophy. In 2017, I worked as a German-Speaking Paralegal at Lankler, Siffert and Wohl in New York, NY.

Spafford, Anna
Tutoring all levels. I have the most fun explaining German grammar and helping students use their knowledge to engage in conversation. I would also be interested in helping with translation projects. I am now in my third year of teaching German at IU. I have taught G150, G200 and G250. Before coming to IU, I taught English to German native speakers (of varying levels) for three years. I have my Bachelor's in German (I was a double major), and after obtaining my degree I lived in Germany for 3 years in the province North Rhine-Westphalia.

Wuensch, Juliane
Native speaker of German. Willing to tutor all levels, beginning through advanced. Currently a Ph.D. student in Germanic Studies. Has been teaching German for over 12 years, all levels, all ages.

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