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Why Study German?

Here are just a few of the many reasons to study German and to pursue a Major or Minor:

  1. It is fun. Studying German will take you fantastic places.
  2. German Majors receive top incomes after graduation. German is one of the most lucrative majors for students in the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences, including Psychology. The average starting salary in 2013-14 was $ 41,400. Learn more here.
  3. IU has one of the top German programs in the country. We tied for second place on the last graduate survey.
  4. Germany has the world's 4th largest economy and is the 3rd largest exporter. Switzerland boasts the highest wealth per adult in the world and eighth-highest per capita gross domestic product according to the IMF list.
  5. Germany is a global leader in environmentally friendly technology and sustainability. Germany produces more solar energy than any other country in the world.
  6. In terms of population and economy, Germany is the largest nation in the European Union. Being an expert on Germany opens many doors in Europe.
  7. Germany isn't the only country where German is spoken – don't forget Austria and Switzerland!  Even in other countries, including Russia, German is a common language of business.
  8. After the USA, Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world.
  9. Germany won the World Cup in 2014! What a team!
  10. Many American states, including Indiana, celebrate German heritage and in some of these states, people still speak unique varieties of German.  Check out the Indiana German Heritage Society here.
  11. And of course: Nena's 99 Balloons!
  12. What is a foreign language worth?

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