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The Department of Germanic Studies is situated in the College of Arts and Sciences, the traditional center of the ancient academy and modern university.

The university in general, and the College in particular, is a place in which ideas and concepts are explored, examined, tested, contested, affirmed, and rejected by way of spirited but always civil and respectful argumentation. Students and scholars alike learn to reason in a variety of ways, using empirical, statistical, and conceptual evidence as well as logical and rhetorical modes of persuasion. It is in the Humanities especially where the back-and-forth of different modes of evidence-based verbal argumentation is paramount.

Above all, it is in the university classroom where exploratory and critical reasoning requires mutual respect for all participants, no matter our various differences. (Please see here and here for Indiana University policy on discrimination and harassment.)

The history of German-speaking Europe has taught us necessary and unforgettable lessons about what happens to society and peoples when these basic principles of human decency are violated. We know that mutual respect is fragile, especially in societies as diverse as ours. It is incumbent on all members of the IU community to cultivate a climate in which well-reasoned opinions can be uttered, heard, and debated

William Rasch (Chair), and the Faculty, Students, and Staff of Germanic Studies

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"Das Risiko des Lebens. Angst in Kafkas Bau"
Lecture in German by Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor, Burkhardt Wolf. September 21, 2018, at 5:00pm at the CAHI House, 1211 E Atwater Ave.

Workshop on the notion of crisis.
Saturday, November 3, 2018, (HLS Global and International Studies Building, GA 3134), Noon to 5:00pm. Featuring a guest lecture by Janet Roitman, author of Anti-Crisis. Talk by Professor Ben Robinson and panel discussion led by Professor Johannes Turk.

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