A broad range of degree choices

Germanic Studies is a versatile and rewarding major, with a broad range of courses in language, literature and media, culture and ideas. Our classes feature high faculty-student ratios, providing ample opportunity to work closely with individual faculty members and to get to know fellow students. Our major emphasizes German-speaking cultures in European and global contexts. In recognition of our students, we award William Goodwin Scholarships to each student who has declared a major.

In addition to the major, we offer five minors and two certificates. You can minor in Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Yiddish languages and cultures, with additional strong offerings on medieval Scandinavian culture. Whether your interests lie in the culture and events of Germany or in a smorgasbord of Germanic languages, we offer a Germanic Studies minor that can be completed entirely in English or with a mixture of Germanic languages. Studies have shown that students with degrees in German significantly enhance their prospects on the job market. We also offer certificates in Dutch and Business German.

Want to major in more than one discipline? Students who are considering double majors, dual degrees, or German as an outside field are encouraged to join our department.

As an expression of our enthusiasm for students interested in direct admission to the Germanic Studies B.A. program, the department makes available a William Goodwin Direct Admit Scholarship of $2000 upon admission into the program and $3000 upon proof of registration in the final required course for the Germanic Studies B.A.

If you are interested in applying for a Direct Admit Scholarship, please contact Johannes Türk, Chair of Germanic Studies, at: joturk@indiana.edu.