Norwegian Studies

Norwegian Studies

For several years in a row, Norway has attracted attention for its United Nations Human Development Index ranking, which regularly acknowledges Norway as having one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, its true prominence lies in its leadership position in environmental policy, gender equality, peace brokering and humanitarian aid. This tiny nation, situated in Europe's northwestern corner, is remarkable in many different ways. The specifics of its landscape and the intricacies of its historical development make Norway both particular and unique, yet undeniably Western. Our engaging courses allow students to explore this fascinating and accessible culture from a variety of perspectives.

Learning Norwegian is a highly rewarding experience – not only is Norwegian a relatively easy language to learn, so that proficiency is gained rapidly, but linguistic competency in Norwegian also opens the doors to reading and understanding both Swedish and Danish, as the three languages are closely related. By learning the Norwegian language, students build an understanding of the people, the culture, and the history of the country in addition to gaining an appreciation for how these factors contribute to making Norway a serious participant in our globalized world.

Our students are encouraged to include Norway in their study abroad plans. There are a number of scholarships through various Scandinavian organizations designed to help students conduct a course of study in Scandinavia.

Culture courses

The Norwegian program offers a variety of Scandinavian topics-courses, taught in English: E361 Vikings and Sagas, E362/K506 Topics in Scandinavian Culture, and E363/K507 Topics in Scandinavian Literature.

Topics include:

  • The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Ibsen and Strindberg
  • The Multicultural North
  • Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature
  • The Modern Breakthrough

Study abroad in Norway

Qualified Indiana University students have the opportunity to enroll at Telemark University College as non-degree students in the following program tracks for international students at Telemark:

  • Scandinavian Studies in Telemark (Norwegian Literature, Language, and Life)
  • Alpine Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Business Administration for Exchange Students
  • Outdoor Life and Ecophilosophy

Norwegian Studies degree options

Adding Norwegian Studies to your undergraduate program offers many advantages. Our minor pairs well with many other degrees.

Learn more about the Norwegian Studies minor