Fellowships & Awards

Fellowships & Awards

Various forms of financial assistance are available to continuing graduate students in the Department of Germanic Studies. These include:

  • Graduate Exchange Fellowships: semester-long exchange with stipend at the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Dissertation Year Fellowships: awarded by The University Graduate School to outstanding advanced students; stipends vary.
  • Edwards Fellowships: awarded by The University Graduate School to outstanding advanced students; stipends vary.
  • Dissertation Fellowships: awarded by the department annually to one or two advanced graduate students who are in the process of completing their dissertation. Pending area of specialization, doctoral students from the Department of Germanic Studies are also eligible to apply for dissertation fellowships from other programs, such as the Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies.
  • Summer Fellowships: awarded by the Institute of German Studies and our department to two or three students on the basis of their research proposals.
  • Graduate Minority Fellowship: open to minority students.
  • Travel Grants: for students giving papers at scholarly conferences. These are awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences in amounts up to $500. Our department also makes financial awards for conference presentations, so that a student who is on the program of a professional meeting will receive partial (and possibly full) reimbursement of travel expenses for up to one conference per year.

Max Kade Fellowships

Fellowship support is partly made possible through the Institute of German Studies, which may award up to five Max Kade Fellowships to incoming graduate students annually. Applicants to our Ph.D. program are automatically considered for the prestigious Max Kade Fellowships. (Students who apply only to the M.A. program are not eligible for a Max Kade Fellowship. Therefore, we encourage students who intend to continue to the Ph.D. to apply directly to the Ph.D., rather than the M.A.)

The Institute of German Studies awards a number of attractive fellowships for graduate students in German literary or cultural studies on an annual basis. Max Kade Fellows are drawn from the very top ranks of the national applicant pool in German studies. The financial basis for the fellowships is a grant by the Max Kade Foundation and supported by the University Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University.

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