Germanic Linguistics & Philology Ph.D.

Use your University Graduate School Bulletin

Students pursuing a graduate degree in Germanic Studies should refer to the requirements in the University Graduate School Academic Bulletin. Your Bulletin year corresponds to the year you were admitted to your degree program.

Visit the Graduate Bulletin website to find all Indiana University Bloomington Bulletins. 

Germanic Linguistics and Philology Ph.D. information

For official degree requirements, you must consult with the Graduate School Bulletin. The information below is not the official record.

Ph.D. requirements

Credits: 90 total hours


  • Professional courses (G500) (3 hrs.)
  • Seminars (two required at IU): G825 or G835 (3-4 hrs.)
  • Dissertation (G875/G885): Up to 20 hrs.
  • Outside minor: Minimum of 12 hrs.

Reading proficiency in French: A substitution may be permitted; such a substitution should serve the candidate's major research interests.

Teaching: At least one year's service as an associate instructor. For detailed information on general degree requirements, please consult the University Graduate School website.

Linguistics requirements

Any four from the following: G532, G540, G548, G551, G558, G632, G635, G638, G639, G640, G601 (Introduction to to Old English), G655 (History of the English Language).

Literature requirements

Any two modern literature courses numbered 500 or above.

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