Germanic Studies B.A.

Earn a B.A. in Germanic Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Germanic Studies offers a full curriculum, including German language, linguistics, literature, and culture, as well as courses in Dutch, Yiddish, and Norwegian. Faculty members teach at all levels, and class sizes are moderate-to-small. There are many opportunities to work directly with faculty, including our departmental honors program.

Is Germanic Studies for you?

The Germanic Studies major attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. They typically have some of the following qualities:

  • Aspire to develop proficiency in German or another Germanic language
  • Interest in the language and culture of Germany or other countries in the Germanic cultural zone (such as Switzerland and Austria)
  • Appreciation for the diversity of world cultures
  • Affinity for learning new languages and linguistic structures
  • Wish to make overseas study a significant part of their undergraduate education
  • Intellectual curiosity and imagination
  • Desire to learn more about the largest economy in the European Union

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