Honors Program

Departmental honors in Germanic Studies

If you are majoring in Germanic Studies with grade point averages of at least 3.5 in coursework in the department and 3.3 overall, you may apply for admission to the honors program. Ask for the recommendation of your instructor in a German course above G250.

In addition to regular coursework towards their major, honors students complete between one and three honors tutorials (G399) as well as an honors thesis (G499). Honors work is guided and approved by the honors advisor, who also serves as your major advisor. Work in G399 and G499 is closely supervised by individual faculty members.

On the basis of outstanding performance in the regular major program, in tutorials, and on the thesis, your honors advisor recommends graduation with departmental honors in German. An honors designation is particularly valuable if you plan to apply to graduate or professional school.

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Delta Phi Alpha

Indiana University Bloomington sponsors a chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, the national German honor society. Each spring, a number of advanced German students (some of whom have outstanding records in German and in their studies overall but are not German majors) are invited to join. Delta Phi Alpha inductees pledge to continue their study of the German language, literature, and culture. Professor Ben Robinson is the faculty advisor.