Freiburg, Germany

Academic year or Spring semester

Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Minnesota jointly sponsor a program at the University of Freiburg. It combines immersion in the academic and social life of the University of Freiburg with a supportive environment provided by our partners at IES Abroad.

Students are integrated into the German academic and residential system while also enjoying the advising, resources, and social support of the IES center, where they take a course exclusively for program participants. After a three-week orientation that includes advanced language instruction, they are able to take regular courses at the university in nearly any field in which they are sufficiently prepared. The curriculum also includes courses in Deutsch als Fremdsprache at the university and special participant tutorials.

Prerequisites are junior or senior standing, a cumulative grade point average of approximately 3.0, and fifth-semester proficiency in German prior to departure. You must be a student at any Indiana University campus who is making normal academic progress and enrolled in at least one course in Germanic Studies during the Spring semester before departure. It is recommended that you complete G362 or G363 before the program begins. Students receive full Indiana University credit for their work in Freiburg. Housing is mostly in university dormitories.

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