Recent Graduates

Recent graduates

Lane Sorensen, Ph.D. December 2022. "The Late Middle Low German 'Rhytmi Mensales' of Johannes Junior: Edition, Translation and Analysis." Lane is currently a Lecturer of German and Outreach Coordinator at Indiana University Bloomington.

Maria Fink, Ph.D. September 2022. "Staging the Alien: Spacial Processes in Contemporary German Theatre of Migration." Maria is currently teaching at the Bundes-Gymnasium Seekirchen.

Stefon Flego, Ph.D. August 2022. "The Emergence of Vowel Quality Mutation in Germanic and Dinka-Nuer: Modeling the Role of Information-Theoretic Factors Using Agent-Based Simulation." Stefon currently has a post-doc at Brown University.

Bettina Christner, Ph.D. July 2022. "How Literature Produces Presence." Bettina is currently teaching at Auburn University.

David Bolter, Ph.D. July 2022. "Liquid Enhancement, Liquid Polarization and Bavarian German L-Rounding." David is currently teaching at Denison University.

Friederike Schlaefer, Ph.D. March 2021. "The Evolution of Love in Robert Musil's Oeuvre."

Arne Willée, Ph.D. November 2020. "Das Philosophische Gedankenexperiment als Narrative Gattung." Arne currently works in the private sector in Rotterdam.

Juliana Wunsch, Ph.D. July 2020. "German-Jewish Female Identity and the Dream of an Egalitarian Society: A Comparative Study of Rahel Varnhagen, Rosa Luxemburg, and Hannah Arendt." Juliane is an Assistant Professor at Skidmore College.

Kasina Entzi, Ph.D. December 2019. "Feelings at War: The Affective Threats of Ernst Jünger's Early Works." Kasina is an Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Denver.

Colin Grant, Ph.D. May 2019. "Gothic Verbal Prefixes: Semantics, Function, History." Colin is currently a Web Technology Developer for Ericcson.

Elliott Evans, Ph.D. April 2019. "The Origins, Functions, and Histories of Germanic Adjective Endings." Elliott is currently teaching at Ivy Tech Bloomington.

Claire van den Broek, Ph.D. July 2018. "Schuldtrauma: Narrating Guilt as Trauma in the Long Nineteenth Century."

Silja Weber, Ph.D. July 2018. "The Role of Performance for Student Agency: A Discourse Perspective on Whole Group Interaction in Intermediate German Classes." Silja is a University Instructor of German at Tampere University in Finland.

Erin Noelliste, Ph.D. 2017. "The Phonology of Sonorants in Bavarian German." Erin is an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Colorado.

Roswitha Rust-Cesaratto, Ph.D. September 2016: "Reader, Embodiment, and Narrative: Shared literary reading experiences." Rosi is currently teaching online courses in Vienna.

Anita Lukic, Ph.D. June 2016: "Narrative Turning Points: A Theory of Character Change in the German Novel, 1775-1796." Anita is the Assistant Director of Chicago Fields Studies at the Northwestern University.

Christiane Kaden, Ph.D. March 2016: "Lengthenings and Shortenings in Germanic." Christiane is Senior Lecturer at Boston University.

Andrew Kostakis, Ph.D. October 2015: "Height, Frontness and the Special Status of /x/, /r/ and /l/ in Germanic Language History." Andrew is an Assistant Professor at Austin Peay University.

Andrew Hamilton, Ph.D. August 2015: "Semiotics of Silence: A Theory of German Realism." Andrew currently teaches at Bates College.

Madhuvanti Karyekar, Ph.D. 2014. "Translating Narration into Observation: The Sentimental Anthropology of Georg Foster." Madhuvanti was a Lecturer at Ohio State University and then at the University of Pune, India from 2018-2022. She currently works as an Adjunct Faculty at Indiana University Bloomington.

Olivia Landry, Ph.D. 2014. "Transnational Performance Communities: New Theatre Scenes in Germany." Olivia is Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Justin Glover, Ph.D. 2014. "Liquid Vocalization and Underspecification in German Dialects." Justin is currently a Program Manager at Google.

Andrea Meyertholen, Ph.D. 2014. "The Myth of Abstraction: The Hidden Origins of Abstract Art in German Literature." Andrea is Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas.

Orsolya Kiss, Ph.D. 2011. "The History of the Plot in Eighteenth Century Literature and Aesthetics." Orsolya was a Lecturer at Oxford University, UK 2011-2016 and is currently a writer and translator in Berlin.

Joseph O'Neil, Ph.D. 2009. "The Impossible Birth of the Political: Language and Crisis in Gracian, Goethe, and Kleist." Joseph is an Associate Professor at Miami University of Ohio.

Christian Weber, Ph.D. 2008. "'Forme Menschen nach meinem Bilde': Mythopoetische Kritik der Einbildungskraft in Goethe's früher Lyrik." Christian is currently an Associate Professor at Florida State University.

Faye Stewart, Ph.D. 2007. "German Feminist Queer Crime Fiction: Politics, Justice, and Desire." Faye is currently an Associate Professor at Georgia State University.

Liesl Allingham, Ph.D. 2007. "Pushing Boundaries: Female Cross-Dressing Around 1800." Liesl is currently an Associate Professor at the University of the South.

Sonja Klocke, Ph.D. 2007. "Inscriptions and Rebellions: The Female Body in Representations of East Germany." Sonja is a Full Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Christine Lehleiter, Ph.D. 2007. "Inheriting the Future - Generating the Past: Heritage, Pedigree, and Lineage in German Literature and Thought around 1800." Christine is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto.

Elliott Schreiber, Ph.D. 2006. "Spielraum: Karl Philipp Moritz's Topography of Modernity." Elliott is currently an Associate Professor at Vassar College.

Christine Rinne, Ph.D. 2005. "Mastering the Maidservant: Dienstmädchen Fantasies in Germany and Austria, 1794-1918." Christine is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Alabama. 

Jill S. Smith, Ph.D. 2004. "Reading the Red Light: Literary, Cultural, and Historical Discourses on Prostitution in Berlin: 1880-1930." Jill is currently an Associate Professor at Bowdoin College.

Derek Hillard, Ph.D. 2001. "Critical Moments: Paul Celan and Figurations of Madness."

Wilfried Wilms, Ph.D. 2000. "Im Griff des Politischen: Lessings Väter und ihr Mühsamer Abstieg vom Berg Sinai."

Muriel Cormican, Ph.D. 1999. "Sex, Sexuality, and Gender: Cultural Critique in the Fictional Works of Lou Andreas-Salomé."

Howard Pollack-Milgate, Ph.D. 1998. "Die Poesie des Unendlichen: Novalis and the Mathematics of Redemption." Howard is currently Professor of German at DePauw University.

Patrizia McBride, Ph.D. 1998. "The Ethos of Aesthetic Judgement: Robert Musil's Defense of Modernity."