Recent Graduates

Recent graduates

Roswitha Rust-Cesaratto, Ph.D. September 2016: "Reader, Embodiment, and Narrative: Shared literary reading experiences." Rosi is currently teaching online courses in Vienna.

Anita Lukic, Ph.D. June 2016: "Narrative Turning Points: A Theory of Character Change in the German Novel, 1775-1796." Anita is currently teaching at the University of Pittsburgh.

Christiane Kaden, Ph.D. March 2016: "Lengthenings and Shortenings in Germanic." Christiane is currently teaching at Boston University.

Andrew Kostakis, Ph.D. October 2015: "Height, Frontness and the Special Status of /x/, /r/ and /l/ in Germanic Language History." Andrew is currently doing post-doc work in Leipzig, Germany.

Andrew Hamilton, Ph.D. August 2015: "Semiotics of Silence: A Theory of German Realism." Andrew is currently teaching at the College of the Holy Cross.