Submission Guidelines

A drama is not necessarily more “serious” than a comedy, but the emotions of the story are meant to connect with or move the audience. The ending may be happy or sad, but the tone of the story must be sincere (i.e. it isn't making fun of the events within the story or its characters).

Having trouble determining if your story is a comedy or drama? Here are some quick “litmus” tests:

  • If your story includes special effects or sudden plot changes in order to create laughter, then it is a comedy.
  • If a character dies or disappears in your story and this creates laughter, then your story is a comedy.
  • If your story portrays strong, unironic emotions (example: students sincerely frustrated with the difficulty of learning German prepositions), then it is a drama.


  • MAX 10 minute video recording of staged performance. Performed monologues also accepted. The quality of the video production is not the winning criteria; rather it is the theatrical performance of the students that merits the awards.
  • Each participant school will be limited to 4 entries.
  • NO depictions of murder allowed and no blooper reel in submissions.
  • Performance must be memorized and entirely in German (can be at any level).
  • Digital copy of performance posted to address below.
  • Completed photo/video release forms for public viewing (for accepted submissions).

Accepted submissions receive

  • Reimbursement for transportation costs up to $150
  • Indiana World Languages Standards Rubric for project and festival
  • Refreshments and lunch at festival
  • T-shirts for all participants and prizes for winners

Submission instructions

  1. Format your video as one of the following: .avi, .mov, .wmv, .mp4, .mpeg. (max size 2GB).
  2. Email the German Theater Project ( to request upload instructions. Contact will send further instructions and details. All submissions must be uploaded by the deadline.

    German Theater Project
    Germanic Studies
    Indiana University Global and International Studies Building #3113
    355 North Jordan Avenue