Indiana Common Core Standards

Applicable Indiana academic standards

Standard 1: Communication - Write and speak in a language other than English

  • 1.2 Exchange detailed information and opinions orally on a variety of topics.
  • 1.5 Use speaking strategies that facilitate communication.

Standard 3: Communication - Present information in a language other than English

  • 3.1 Produce and present creative material on a variety of topics.

Standard 4: Cultures - Develop awareness of other cultures

  • 4.1 Analyze and reflect on cultural and social practices of the target cultures.
  • 4.2 Examine products, perspectives, and symbols of the target cultures.
  • 4.3 Explain factors that influence practices, products, and perspectives.

Standard 5: Connections - Make connections to other content areas

  • 5.2 Design and share activities and materials that integrate the target language and cultures with concepts and skills from other content areas.

Standard 6: Connections - Access and connect information through various media

  • 6.1 Use digital media and culturally authentic resources to build vocabulary and improve receptive and productive skills.

Standard 7: Comparisons - Investigate the nature of language and culture

  • 7.3 Compare and use idiomatic, colloquial, and proverbial expressions in the target language

Standard 8: Communities - Become an active global citizen by experiencing languages and cultures in multiple settings

  • 8.1 Share experiences from the world language classroom with others.
  • 8.3 Experience and report on the cuisine, music, drama, literature, etc. from the target cultures.