Alumni News: Jeff Grove (‘78)

Berlin Germany, 1975 Jeff Grove

Jeff Grove, IU graduate 1978, sent in his greeting along with several marvelous photos from the summer program in Berlin. He writes: “In the summer of 1975, IU offered a summer German course in Bonn under the direction of Christa-Maria Beardsley. While in Bonn, we had class Monday through Friday for several weeks with weekends free to travel about the country. As a bonus, the entire final week was free for extended travel. A small group spent a few days in Berlin that final week. Troy Byler expressed an interest in seeing some of the pictures I took back when cameras and film were required to take photos.” Some of these shots are included in this newsletter.

In his Letter from the Chair, Ben Robinson mentioned that we occasionally hear from alums of the department when they donate books to us. One such donation came in this year from John House, who writes: “I am a retired IU German major living the good life in North Carolina. I have been fortunate in my professional like to have put my German language skills to good use in various capacities in the US armed forces and teaching in public schools.” It’s always gratifying to hear that Germanic Studies is remembered with gratitude.

Alumni Photo Archive - Old Berlin Wall, 1975

Jeff's comments:
"Pictures of the wall itself looking from West Berlin into East Berlin. One shows the Brandenburg Gate and another shows the East Berlin TV tower. Two close ups of the Brandenburg Gate and a closer picture of the East Berlin TV tower. At the time, the tower was the second tallest in Europe behind only the tower in Moscow. I’m betting that was NOT a coincidence. The requisite statue of Lenin is also shown."