Course Articulation for Non-IU German Language Credit

Course articulation for non-IU German language credit

Course articulation for non-Indiana University German language credit applies to students who either:

  • transfer into Indiana University with GER-UN100 through UN400 credit
  • who earn, as matriculated students, GER-OS100 through OS400 credit at an overseas program

It is possible to articulate that language credit to equivalent Indiana University courses in the Germanic Studies department.

Steps for articulating credit

  1. All students wishing to articulate any credit must take the German Online Placement Test administered by Indiana University Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST). If you place into G250 or G300, the equivalent credit for G200 or G200-G250, respectively, articulates automatically. No credit for G100-G150 is articulated as per university rules.
  2. If you place into G400 and want to articulate credit to G300 or G330, you must enroll in G400 to confirm the placement before an articulation is made. After completing G400 with a C- or better, the appropriate credit will be articulated to G300 and/or G330.
  3. If for demonstrated scheduling reasons you are unable to take the confirming course, you can instead take the Goethe-Institut German Exam to certify language proficiency in German. The Goethe-Institut is internationally recognized for German language exams.

Whether or not any articulation to Department of Germanic Studies courses is made, credit for undistributed GER-UN or GER-OS courses counts toward the fulfillment of the campus 120-credit-hour requirement.